A little about us...

We are a family run business offering our experience and services in video production and photography. We love helping others and collaborating. Don't be afraid to reach out to us for anything. For more information on the full range of services we provide check out our services page.

Derda Brothers Poultry, Pittsburgh, Pa

Just like most of us in this industry, we love stories. So let me share the story of our company. We are three generations now of videographers and photographers. My father, Raymond, did this as a hobby. When I was young and curious, I took an interest in his hobby. He taught me a lot along the way as his hobby became mine. I started this company seeking to turn my hobby into my career. Now my own two sons, Raymond and Konner, are showing the same interests as I did. So here we are, a little mix of family, history, and fun.

Even our name and logo has a story. When our family first immigrated to Pittsburgh, we had a poultry store named, surprise, Derda Brothers. The store was open for about eighty years before closing. So it seemed the perfect choice for our name and even inspired our logo - just in case you were wondering about the chickens.