Our Services

We film events including weddings, commercials, music videos, and both short or full length films.

We will edit part or all of your footage depending on needs. We are set up to work remotely so distance is not an objective. For us to get your footage we require either an ftp service such as DropBox or similar, your choice, for smaller projects. For larger projects we will arrange for shipment of a storage device. Any non-digital media will have to be shipped.

We offer full audio mastering for video, mixing, sound effects, voice over recording, and more. No composing or music recording at this time.

Rights to all of our existing images are for sale in addition to new location shoots including headshots, portraits, realty, graduation, senior photos, landscape, portraits, and headshots. Notice we listed headshots twice? No weddings at this time outside of engagement photos.

Old VHS or camera tapes? Need a specific format? Preserve your old home videos, let us digitize them and convert to the media of your choice. We currently can handle most VHS, BetaMax, and camcorder tapes. Plans are in the works for 8mm and other film formats as well.

Need to show something on the big screen? We can create DCP files, the format most modern projects use. We create the files and ship them back to you on an industry standard harddrive, just like Hollywood sends out new releases.

All prices and costs are custom quoted. We will do part of a service or combination of any.

For any service that requires on location work, our current service area is Cleveland, Ohio to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We reserve rights to use anything we create, shoot, or film for promotional purposes.

As a client, you are required to obtain all necessary media licensing and retain all responsibility for copyright issues.

While we do our best to deliver high quality results, we can only guarantee a quality equal to the original media we receive.

Any further questions or comments just ask by using the contact form.